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Saying Yes to Summer Spark!

"Do you have time for a meeting at three?," he asked.  When the Head of School asks, no matter how laid back he is, you answer.

"Sure," I replied uncertainly.  He doesn't usually ask for an impromptu meeting.  What could this be about?

Later, I learned that the Director of the Summer Program had resigned.  I was asked if I could fill in.

I hadn't taught summer school in 15 years.  A few weeks ago at a faculty meeting, I had volunteered and I was hoping just to "teach."  But good opportunities present themselves on their own schedule.

I said yes - after about only two hours of deliberation.  In the middle of winter, it seemed like an easy thing to do - organize the program, create the schedule, hire people.  The program only runs for five weeks.  How hard could it be?

As it turns out, it was significantly more demanding than I had imagined.  It was hard to staff some of the positions.  Two former summer school employees begged off.  Our enrollment …