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Redemption is Messy

"We forward this generation triumphantly"
Bob Marley wrote many of my favorite songs. At the top of the list is Redemption Song. I learned to love it on a hilarious vacation I spent with my family a few summers ago. There was a fellow staying a few houses away from ours who exuberantly embraced all the beach had to offer - paddle boarding, kite flying and wooing women. After each day's endeavor, he sat on the porch and played the bongos while singing. Hence his nickname, Bongo Boy.

Bongo Boy wasn't a particularly skilled kite flier or paddle boarder, nor was he a great musician. In fact, he mumbled his way through Redemption Song without really knowing the words.

Still, his enthusiasm was impressive and his zest for living unparalleled. He fell off the paddle board often and most of the women said no. He didn't even know the words to the song he loved so much, but he sang it anyway.

Even so, I think Bongo Boy moved forward his generation triumphantly.

I have a B…