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Being Connected

Happy Connected Educators Month!

Being "connected" used to mean grade group meetings, graduate classes and professional development days.  Sometimes, these experiences were beneficial and rewarding.  Other times, not so much.

Today, being connected looks and feels very different.

  • Interactions and activities are more tailored to the needs and interests of the of the individual teacher.
  • Connections span the globe, not just the school or the district.
  • They can occur anytime - not just after school hours or on professional development days.
  • Teachers have greater ownership in the process.  Learning about self-selected topics increases motivation and engagement in new ideas and skills.
For me, being a connected educator is empowering.  I know that if I have questions, there are people who have answers.  They might not be in my building, but I can find them on Twitter or other on-line communities.

I know that I can get answers whenever I want them - at 4 am, in the middle of the night, or on my very brief lunch break.

Perhaps the most significant benefit to being connected is having the opportunity BUILD ideas - based on the ones I share and those I get from others.  It is a powerful thing.