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Snow Day!!

In spite of the fact that I would rather have sunshine and rising temperatures, I was so delighted to have a snow day today.  After I received the call, I informed the two teenagers in my house who happily grunted.  Then, I gleefully jumped back into bed.  After a brief doze, I got up and ate waffles.

Let's read the paper!  Do you want to play Wii?  Can we go sledding?

Had today been a normal Tuesday, I would not have had these options.  Part of me felt guilty for saying yes to all of the above.  And for making hot chocolate, taking a brisk walk through the neighborhood and watching TV.  The truth is, I had lots to do.  The reporting cycle ends soon, I am working to tweak the school schedule with a committee and the summer program I run needs some attention.

The guilt eventually gave way to productivity.  I had intermittent fun all day - which allowed my brain to just take off.  I saw new solutions, got new ideas and, in the end, had a productive day.

I spent a lot of time wondering if the snow day had a similar impact on my students.  Will they show up tomorrow feeling better rested with the brains filled with new ideas?  Did they pursue some personal learning?  Take a walk?  Eat waffles?  Have fun?

I hope so.

The nerdy teacher in me would once have complained about a snow day.  After all, there are always things to learn and do at school.  But today, that same nerdy teacher learned that learning and productivity can take many forms.  A chat with your mom, a new level attained on the video game, and solution for an old problem can lead to really important learning.  That kind of productivity can really only come from a well-spent snow day.