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I cannot concentrate today.

I have a list in front of me of things I need to do. They are important - pressing even. And yet, I cannot concentrate.

My problem is twofold. Tonight is Opening Night for my son's first high school drama performance. He's a good actor and this is a student directed play - so I am interested as a mom AND as an educator. What will it be like? Will everything go as planned? Or well, even?

The other issue is my niece. She is currently driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike to from Pittsburgh to my house outside of Philadelphia. I wonder about weather and road conditions. How soon will she be here? Did I buy enough food?

I can't help but laugh at myself. How many times have I said to a student "Pay attention, will ya"? I've said it to myself at least 50 times in the last hour.

Finally, I gave up to blog.

One of two things could happen next. I could immediately become productive OR I could go home and try again tomorrow.

I am feeling like the latter is the better path. After all, I am not sure I did buy enough food...

But the lesson here is clear: distractedness happens to even the best learners. As educators, we must find ways to support the learner - without too much shame - and help them re-engage.

For me, that will happen tomorrow.

But from today on, I will be more understanding of the learner who is looking out the window or tapping her pencil or saying "huh?" when called upon.

Because today, that learner is me.