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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - Nancy!

5 random facts about me

  • Growing up one of seven children surrounded by the love, chaos, camaraderie and weirdness of my family taught me appreciate small things and understand what really matters in life.
  •  I love turnip.
  • My cat has only three legs.
  • I lied about my height on my drivers licence.
  • I am right handed and mathematically challenged but the mother of two left-handed mathematical geniuses.
4 things on my bucket list
  • Go to Florence, Italy.
  • Buy a beach house.
  • Adopt a goat.
  • Learn how to sail.
3 things I hope for this year
  • To make each day fun and productive.
  • Utilize the amazing technology available to me effectively.
  • Be careful with the feelings of others.
2 things that have made me laugh or cry
  • Once I was teaching students to use speech-to-text software.  A student dictated "Walt Whitman was an important man," but the text read "Walt Whitman was a dentist on vicodin."
  • I work at a Quaker school where we sing a song about George Fox.  When the entire student body is singing this verse, which is all about redemption and overcoming tribulation, I always cry.
"There's an ocean of darkness
and I drowned in the night
Til I came through the darkness
to the ocean of Light."

1 thing that I wish people knew about me
  • While I am totally comfortable with solitude, I really appreciate being invited to join in.