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Edu-Fabulous Sites

Circumstances beyond my control kept me out of school today AND without access to the internet.  How novel.  Even so, it was not terribly difficult to think about my "go-to" sites for most of my educational needs  I'm not really one for tips, but I love learning about concepts and frameworks.  Reading and learning from the thinking and research of others helps me to be more effective.  My three favs are:

Edutopia has a wide variety of bloggers and topics.  The site is well organized and the quality of the posts is consistently great.  When I need inspiration or idea, I often find myself there.

Edudemic had recently shifted leadership, but the ed-tech ideas and lists are great.  I love the easy to read format as well as their heavy use of infographics.

Te@chThought! I follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  The posts never disappoint.  And neither do the new bloggers I have met thanks to this challenge!  Happy Friday!