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Maker Movement = Awesome

OK - I am in WAY OVER my head here, but I am fascinated by the Maker Movement.  I love the idea of creating as a means to learn.  More than that, I love to see students utilizing technology in cool and exciting ways.  Perhaps the best part is the resulting innovation.

Innovation is not a thing that comes naturally to me.  Most of the time, I believe that the products and items I use every day are just fine the way they are.  But thank goodness there are people who aren't like me!  (I am pretty sure that if the world was made up of people like me, the wheel wouldn't exist.)

But the world is filled with really creative and innovative people - thank goodness - and many of them are in our classrooms.

Then there are amazing tools - electronics, robotics and 3D printers.

What would happen if we put these tools in the hands of creative people - or even just bored teenagers?

Let's find out!