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A Magic Spell for Teachers

I don't really identify with super heroes, but I am a big Harry Potter fan.  So instead of a teaching super power, I'd pick a magic wand and a spell.  

I thought a lot about what spell would be the most helpful.  One that graded the papers for me?  One that cleaned off my desk?  One that helped students behave?  But the more I thought about it, the more I thought the "spell to rule them all" might be Animum - or Open Your Mind.

A student is struggling with a concept -  Animum!  Let's open our minds and clear things up.

Two students are arguing - Animun!  Open your minds and see the other person's perspective.

I am frustrated by a student -  Animum!  Open my mind and think about what is motivating the behaviors.

A colleague is behaving in a way I don't understand - Animum!  Hear them out and learn what they are trying to accomplish.

A parent is complaining - Animum!  Consider what fears and worries they are facing.

Animum could improve any lesson, classroom, recess, meeting or exchange.  It is powerful stuff!  If only Hogwarts was hiring...


  1. I really appreciate the power for a parent complaining. To consider the fears, worries, or misconceptions would be a great power to have.


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