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I Am Not Afraid! Well I Am, But I'll Be Brave!

Years ago I took my kids to see a musical version of A Year With Frog & Toad.  It was a great show based on one of my favorite children's books.  One of my favorite songs was Toad to the Rescue, in which Toad bravely sings about his intention to go find Frog, who has arrived late for dinner.  Toad imagines all the dangers that Frog could have faced, but resolves to go find him anyway.

"I am not afraid!  Well I am, but I'll be brave," sings Toad.

Over the years, I had to sing this song to myself many times.  Like when I returned to teaching after taking several years off to be home with my boys.  Or when I had to leave a job for a better opportunity.  Or when I had to direct the summer program at my school for the first time.

Singing the song does not always dispel the fear, but it reminds me to be brave in the face of any danger - real, perceived or otherwise.

What fears still remain?

I want to get my Ed.D.  There are some practical obstacles - time, money, stamina - but the biggest barrier is fear.  What if I am not smart enough?  What if I don't get into a program?  What if I can't come up with a dissertation idea?  What if I just can't finish?

I am not afraid!  Well, I am, but I'll be brave!