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My Classroom & Why I Love It

I am so fortunate to have a classroom that I love.  It is big and bright.  Because it is on the top floor of the building, we have a great view of the treetops and people are often too lazy to walk all the way upstairs to interrupt.  Also, over the summer the room was painted and we got brand new furniture.

A lot goes on up here.  Some of it is great - the learning, the laughing, the thinking, the collaboration.  Some of it is hard - frustration, the occasional hurt feelings, disagreement and disappointment.  Often, these more difficult moments lead to deeper understanding and increased determination for teachers and students alike.

There is more I'd like to see here.  More student work, for starters.  But it feels pretty great to start off the school year in a newly renovated space.  

Being in this room always fixes my mood and gets me ready to work.  I like to think the students feel the same way.


  1. Wow! Very spacious! I would like being a student in this room. Thanks for sharing this.


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