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3 Simple Things..

It is cold and snowy today, but I can't complain because I had the the day off.  Not having to instruct, facilitate or conference has been delightful.  I folded laundry, finished the crossword puzzle and played (and lost) a game of Trivial Pursuit with my kids.  Really, from the moment I woke up, today has been filled with simple joys (and it is only 3:30!).

But if I were pressed, I'd have to say the three simple things that give me the most joy are:

  • Sunshine.  I know this makes me sound either like a huge John Denver fan or a beach bum (both of which are true for me occasionally), but sunshine is the best.  At the pool or the beach I am sometimes so happy to be in the sun that I jump up and down or cry.  (I never said this was normal).  On winter afternoon, I know exactly where to sit on the sofa to maximize the late afternoon rays.  When it is cold, I park the car in the sun so I can close my eyes and feel the warmth.  Something about the Vitamin D and the light always makes me feel better. No. Matter. What.
  • Coffee with a friend.  I know this sounds cliche.  I drink a lot of coffee, but most of the cups that I consume in a week are on the fly.  To sit with someone I love (my kids, a friend, a colleague) and drink it is a gift.  (If we are in the sunshine, even better).  The power of slowly sipping the hot wonderfulness and listening, dreaming or hoping with another person should never be underestimated.
  • Kindness.  Maybe I am just a ridiculously lucky person, but I am the recipient of so much kindness.  A friend leaves flowers on your desk or gives you a pie (happened this morning, no joke) or asks how you are feeling and means it... These expressions of care and kindness sustain me daily - hourly, even.  And I am very grateful!