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Change Happens

Life presents many lessons.  Some are easier than others to learn.  In many ways, I am pretty slow learner, too.

But a thing that I am grateful to have learned is this: change happens.  We often don't want it to.  Rarely are we ready for the change.  It is easy to react to change with negative feelings or fear (I blogged about learning not to react with fear a while back.)

My son is on the autism spectrum.  When he was smaller, we both hated change.  For him, it meant facing the unexpected.  For me, it meant helping him cope with anxiety.  We had ways to address changes in the routine when I knew they were approaching.  But together we had to learn to cope with the unexpected changes.

It was hard, but the funny thing is, he led the charge.  I am not sure how it happened, but I learned from this boy who once hated change that change can be pretty cool.  On the other hand, it might be dreadful.  Either way, it will happen.  And - this is the cool part - it will change again later on.

As much a we may wish to cling to the known and keep things predictable, we can't.  Ever.  Change happens and we must learn to accept and embrace the change.  Because another change is already on its way.

Thanks for helping me learn this, George.