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Road Trip!

I don't get a whole lot of "me time."  School responsibilities - planning, evaluating, communicating with students and parents and keeping up with professional reading - are time consuming.  Family commitments take up plenty of time, too - spending time with my kids, keeping us from living in abject squalor and feeding my two teenage boys who are constantly hungry.

The truth is, I love my life and I really love being busy.  So I don't complain.  Instead, I carve out a little time each day to drive alone and listen to the radio loudly.  Very loudly.

This is probably bad for both my hearing and my image as a professional, but I don't care.  Driving alone with songs that I love instantly fixes my mood.  It is like magic.  Even if my mood is not in need of repair, I try to find a reason to drive someplace by myself.  If I hear Under Pressure on the radio - even better!  When Freddie Mercury sings, "why can't we give love, give love, give love, give love, give love..." I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be able to give and receive some much love.  So, I sing along.  Loudly.  Very loudly.  Who cares if those other drivers think I'm a weirdo?  After all, "love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves."


  1. I am the most obnoxious car singer ever. Unashamed. I get many stares at stoplights. So keep it up! You're not alone!

    1. Glad to know I don't sing alone!

  2. I do the exact same thing! I think I have even damaged the driver side door speaker! Love it:)

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