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One small step for Karen, one giant leap for our school

Karen is pretty great.  She can help you solve any problem and she has creative and fantastic ideas.  The problem with being like Tr. Karen is, everyone assumes you can and will help out.  Trust me, she will help you.  But it is important to remember to thank her anyway.

Today I did just that - although I like to think that most days, I remember to say thanks.  But today, I called her on my drive home.  It was a bad time to call, I'm sure.  She was already home and I could hear her kids in the background.  But what she had done in a meeting today was nothing short of miraculous and I wanted her to know.  Not via text or email the way we normally communicate - but with my voice.

You know what?  I don't think she knew how remarkable her actions had been.  She seemed a little shocked when I put the whole story in perspective for her. (She joined our faculty last spring and didn't know all the parts and quirks that went into today's discussion.) I was blown away by her success and she thought it was just another day at school.

Karen is competent, thorough and thoughtful.  She probably already knows that.  But she is also insightful, caring, respectful of others' ideas and just plain awesome.  It felt good to tell her about her giant leap today.  And remind her that she is nothing short of amazing.