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Animal Crackers Abound!

Several years ago, I leaked the info that animal crackers are one of my favorite foods.  A student, Jack, took this to heart.  Later that week, I received a phone call after school from the extended day room.  Jack was calling to let me know that the snack was animal crackers and I should come downstairs to partake.  I willingly obliged.

As that school year wore on, I was called frequently in the afternoons to share in some animal crackers.  If I didn't make it downstairs in time, I would find a bowl of them on my desk the next day.

Once, the school bus driver and the building engineer each left me packages of animal crackers on the same day.  Another time, a student brought in a big, huge bag of animal crackers to share.  It was pretty fantastic.

I know that animal crackers aren't much to look at.  Most of the time, you can barely identify the animal the cracker is supposed to represent.  Like those elephants with the freakishly large trunk or the mutant rabbit.  Animal crackers aren't much more than processed white flour and refined sugar.  But put those pieces together - the silly shapes with the simple flavor - and magic happens.

It is even more magical when someone goes out of your way to share them with you!