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Blessed Are the Nerdy

A few months ago, my kids and I were driving past a local church.  Their digitized sign was displaying the oft quoted line from the Sermon on the Mount "Blessed are the needy."  From our vantage point in the car, the words seemed to read "Blessed are the nerdy."  We laughed, but agreed that the "nerdy" have enriched our lives so much, that they really ought to be blessed.

In thinking about the technology tools that enhance my practice, it is impossible select just one - or even just a few.  Likewise, it is foolhardy, as things come and go. They are effective for a time and then become passe.

So the "technology" that I am most grateful for are the nerdy, the innovators, the people who see a need and develop an amazing, fun, easy and engaging way to solve it.  Those people, organizations and companies make classrooms run smoothly.  They allow lessons to be more interactive and teachers to be more organized.  They create ways for collaboration to occur between and among all people involved in the wonderfully messy world of education.  And they help us all to innovate.

Thank you, all you nerdy, brilliant innovators.  You make us all better!