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When I think about what school should look like in the future, I think of the word OPEN.

  • An open book - Things will be transparent for all stakeholders.
  • Open arms - The way in which we will welcome all students and new ideas.
  • Open floor plan - Classrooms will provide more space for collaboration and projects.
  • Open to new ideas - Schools will be receptive to change and progress.
  • Keep our options open - Schools will not limit themselves by old ways and ideas.
  • Open - Like the U.S. Open, in which everyone can play.
  • Open enrollment - Schools will accept students when it is an appropriate time and not be guided by arbitrary dates.
  • Open season - Opportunities for learning will exists all year long, so that student can have safe places to learn and grow.
  • Open access - All students will have the technology needed for success.
The word open has many uses, but basically means to un-close or unfasten.  It is high time we open quality education up for everyone and remove existing boundaries to deep and meaningful learning and growth.